BBMFULLDP: App that let you use full image as DP

goodday everyone, i know many of you expecially the android users got really pissed when you snap a full n nice image and discover only your head can be shown as your dp.
here is a lasting solution for you all.
lemme introduce you to bbmfull dp.


Have you ever wanted to share that meme, screenshot or image and you know that if you crop it, you will lose the good stuff. This app got your back.

Launch the app
Select your image source.
Let the app process the image.
save the image or crop and save the image.
The image will be saved in a “FullBBMDP” folder.
Launch your BBM app
Start changing your dp,
Choose “FullBBMDP Gallery”.
Your recently saved image should be the first there, select it.


=> Creates images that you can set as a display photo on BBM and it appears as is without being cut.
=> Post your memes and screenshots without losing portions of it.


=>Though the image quality will be affected if the image is really long.
=> Known Issue: Using the app on a Screenshot from a sony device might make it appear too blurry when used as a DP.

where/how to download

click HERE to download



  1. Thanks bro… Pls which of d working etisalat imei number dats on ground presently. I discovered recently dat *8186# or data to 8186 is nt longer working instead dey will ask you to buy data of within 200mb to 3gig b4 they give d mb. Pls help me bro. I wish i could do up 1.5gig pls. Thanks. Or u can simply email me

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