Apps You Need to Uninstall From Your Smartphone Right Now

As you are sure to agree with me, not all mobile applications are useful. While app developers take time to make apps, well, not all of them deserve to be on your mobile phone. Here is a post which is going to give you a list of the top 5 apps you need to uninstall from your android device right now.

  1. Those apps that claim to save RAM: I hate to find this app on any mobile phone, they are RAN killers. They run always and virtually do nothing. Your phone can perform what that app claims to do. Simply do it manually than having an extra load on your RAM.
  2. Anti-virus applications Anti-virus applications are useless on Android devices. The only thing this application might do is to harm your device. To secure your device, simply download apps from Google PlayStore only.
  3. Those apps that claim to save battery: Battery savers are useless, just like the RAM savers, the only weight down your mobile phone. Avoid installing this sort of apps on your phone.
  4. Most Pre-Installed Applications: Most Pre-installed apps are useless, always try your best to remove them from your phone. This apps run in the background and consume system resource. If you cant uninstall them, then disable them.
  5. Some Facebook mobile app: Facebook has lots of applications, and not all are useful, there is the Facebook groups app, the Facebook Page app amd lots of apps you might not need. If you are using a phone low in RAM you might not be needing tbe official Facebook and Messenger app. Simply go for the Lite version.

There you have it on this post “5 Apps You Need to Uninstall From Your Smartphone Right Now.” I hope you found this helpful.

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