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Theme of war:
Owu was a city-state in the south of current Nigeria which was under siege for seven years by the combined armies of Ijebu and Ife, as well as mercenaries recruited from the Oyo refugees.
The city was attacked under the guise of liberating a market from their control but in the end all men and children were murdered, women were taken as slaves, and the city was burned to the ground.
The war was aggrevated because of Maye Okunade’s wife Iyunloye who was married to the accursed Prince Adejumo.
Maye was angry and determined to destroy the whole male lineage of Owu becos of his wife. Okunade was never a soldier, he was an artist, bestowed with skills from Obatala himself before rage made him take to arms.
Women of Owu re-enacts the bitter and gory historical experiences of the people of the then Owu Kingdom which happened sometimes around 1821. What is shown in this play is the aftermath experiences of war, the defeat and the accompanying sorrow and pangs of the survivors who are women of nobility and beauty.

Shaw’s play Arms and the Man is a romantic comedy that satirizes idealized notions of love and war. At the beginning of the play, Raina is betrothed to Sergius; a soldier in the Bulgarian army. He is handsome, well-to-do, upper class; all that Raina’s family expects her husband to be.
However, it is Bluntschli, the mercenary soldier who hides in her room, that convinces her that not only are Raina’s ideas of war unrealistic and impractical, but also her ideas of love are false. Raina falls for the more practical, experienced Bluntschli. Raina’s love for Bluntschli portrays Shaw’s idea of class distinctions. In matters of love, social class should not be a factor. At the end of the play, Sergia is to marry Louka, Raina’s servant. Again, Shaw emphasizes that it is important to follow one’s heart in matters of love, not social or familial expectations.

majority of the words used in the poem belong to the social sciences. words such as poverty, economy , power, ambassador, dollars,patriot,political foes, patronage,wealth, constituencies, destitution, loot and peculiar words of the political economist. these and other sounding words are meant to reflect the subject matter.

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