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Optimum population;This is the number of people that can be supported by the available resources inn an area,so as to achieve the highest possible standard of living
Over population;This can be defined as a situation whereby the population is considered too large for the available resources for people to enjoy the highest possible standard of living

-Climate;Areas with favourable climate like Europe,U.S.A,China etc do attract population while unfavourable climate like desert and polar regions do not attract high population
-Availability of water;Areas where water is available both for human and agriculture attracts high population but areas where there is low water do not attract high population

– it is safer
-liquids transported via pipeline are fee from impurities
-piipelines are useful for transporting water for drinking or irrigation over long distances when it needs to move over hills
-pipelines are best used to transport dangerous and flamable chemicals

-generation of Hydro-electric power: river niger is dammed in areas of waterfall and rapids for the purpose of generating electricity.
-irrigation purposes; water from the river is used for irrigation purpose
-medium of transportation; it serve as medium of transportation from one place to another.
-sources of food supply; it provides food in form of fish, prawns, crayfish, crabs.

-Shortage of raw materials;Lack of sufficient raw amterials available to industries hinders large scale of production
-Insufficient capital; Access to finance or loan is very difficult.Capital is very easy for big time investors

-Poor quality of industrial labour;Nigeria has a large pool of illiterate population that provides the personnel for industries
-Inadequate power supply;There are frequent disruption of power supply in industrial areas nd many areas do not have power supply


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